Questions and Answers by New Members:

Q: Does a Players Golf Club membership run on a set calendar year as with a normal club?
A: No, Your Players Golf Club Membership runs for a full year from the date that you join.
Q: From joining how soon will I be a registered member of the club?
A: You will be registered on the national golf network within 2 days of joining the club and you will receive your SA Player ID number which you can use as reference while you wait for your card.
Q: How long do I wait for my permanent card?
A: The permanent SAGA handicap card will take 15 working days to arrive.
Q: Where will I be able to play and get affiliated rates?
A: You will be able to play at most courses countrywide and pay affiliated fees.
Q: How big is the difference between visitor rates and affiliated rates?
A: Green fees differ from club to club but you save on average between R50 to R150 per round on normal visitor rates.
Q: How many scores must I register before getting an official handicap?
A: A Minimum of 5 scores but more scores would be ideal.
Q: Will I be able to play any day of the week?
A: You would be able to play at any day of the week and Sunday's depending on availability. Saturday's are very busy and normally reserved for Members


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